Adaptive Array Systems Limited

Why we are doing it

Our aim is to create a world class technology which enables the development of next generation products and systems...

In Radio

In wireless networking markets, operators are under pressure to deliver higher performance and capacity while simultaneously reducing the cost to the end user. New approaches are required to deliver huge increases in system capacity driven by feature rich services such as HD video streaming to mobile devices.

In Audio

3D spatial audio will be the next step forward in Live Performance sound. Opening up new opportunities for creativity and audience experience. Audio containment will enable richer user experience while providing spatial isolation between exhibitions or installations. In a live sound situation, it could make curfews unnecessary while protecting local residents quality of life.

Other Applications

There are many applications which could use our technology to enhance current systems or deliver new ideas or performance. If you understand the Maths, or even if you don't but you've got an interesting idea… Give us a call to discuss how we can fit your application to our platform.

We are always interested in new applications to explore.

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