Adaptive Array Systems Limited

Who we are

Chris Shenton
Founder and CEO

Prior to founding AASL Chris worked in a Technical Research role for the University Of Manchester as a member of Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics.

He was specifically engaged in work related to coherent multi channel digital signal processing, phased array radio telescopes, interferometers, data transmission systems and synchronisation and timing distribution over long distances.

Prior to joining the University Of Manchester, Chris was Lead Consultant and Director of DECH Technology Limited, an independent Electronic System Design consultancy which he founded in 2001. The company executed a number of successful projects in a range of sectors including Telecoms, Defence, Consumer products and Medical electronics.

As an early stage employee of Xyratex Integrated Systems, Chris was responsible for establishment and management of a full flow ASIC physical design team which successfully executed a number of highly complex RTL to GDSII projects.

During the late 90's to mid 00's Chris was involved in a number of early stage Silicon development ventures including Power X Networks Limited.

During the Late 80's and early 90's Chris developed his technical foundations working for companies in the Defence and Industrial Sectors.

Chris has an extensive experience and knowledge of digital systems applications, engineering, tools and methodologies. He has successfully executed and managed projects in many challenging areas of technology development including, high speed digital ASIC and FPGA, high speed board design, optical communications, digital signal processing and embedded software.

John Urwin
Non Exec Chairman

John brings to AASL over 30 years of experience in semiconductor and technology companies from start ups to multinational corporations.

He has an extensive network of contacts in customer, supply side, corporate finance and educational sectors. He was a director at Wolfson Microelectronics for 14 years where the company grew from being a design house with 25 staff and $2m revenues to a globally recognised product company with over 300 people and $200m revenues.

He has more recently been NXD at a number of small privately held technology companies in Europe and the UK, working with the founders and investors specifically on strategic development and fund raising.

Mike Jones
Company Scientist

Mike has over 25 years' experience in developing innovative instrumentation for research in astrophysics.

He studied in the Physics, Materials Science, and Engineering departments at Cambridge, graduating in Natural Science and Electrical Science, and did a PhD developing a new radio telescope at the Mullard Radio Astronomy Observatory in Cambridge.

He then worked for fourteen years in the Cavendish Laboratory, leading development of telescopes for the study of the cosmic microwave background radiation, which included work in cryogenic receivers, RF systems, analogue and digital correlators, software and data analysis, systems integration and project management.

In 2005 Mike moved to Oxford University and was appointed Professor of Experimental Cosmology. Here he leads a group which develops novel instruments in the radio and microwave regimes, exploiting the latest technical developments in the electronics and communication industries as well as researching new techniques, with the aim of measuring basic properties of the universe not accessible by conventional telescopes.

Mike is the author of over fifty papers in research journals and has supervised a dozen students for PhDs, who have gone on to leading positions in industry and academia.

Neil Pryce
Company Secretary

Neil is an experienced company secretary who has worked within a wide range of organisations across both public and private sectors as company secretary.

He is a Fellow of The Institute of Chartered Secretaries, and holds an MBA degree.

Neil has a significant interest in innovation and early stage companies. As Company Secretary, Neil made a significant contribution to Power X Networks Ltd.

In addition to his company secretarial activities, he was responsible for corporate governance, industrial relations, HR and protection of Intellectual Property. He also took an active role in fund raising activities.

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