Adaptive Array Systems Limited

What we do

Adaptive Array Systems Limited, provides technology which enables system developers to deploy market leading solutions relating to the time coherent processing of arrays of digitised transducer signals.

The technology may also be deployed as a single channel, massively parallel signal processor in real time applications or as an off line HPC acceleration sub system.

The technology has many applications, including;

  • Wide Band Wireless Communication Systems
  • Cellular Radio Infrastructure
  • Military Equipment
  • Security Systems

By leveraging our expertise in phased arrays, digital receivers, signal processing, interconnect technologies, switched fabrics, silicon design and systems engineering, we can provide application product partners with technology building blocks which deliver the following benefits;

  • Reduced System Cost and lower capital expenditure.
  • Power Reduction leading to reduced operating costs.
  • Faster time to market by use of a highly productive development toolchain which reduces programming effort.
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